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  • Pregnant with triplets!!!

  • Ok, so how often do you come across a mummy who is carrying triplets? Yes, triplets! They have one adorable little girl and another three girls on the way. Mum (25 weeks pregnant) wanted to capture some special moments with her toddler before the family welcome the new additions. We [...]
  • A weekend away

  • We try to take some time off every few months and since this time we only had the weekend we ended up going to Bintan island. We had been there a couple times before and were pretty familiar with the usual big resorts and the thousand busy bodies hovering everywhere. In search of a quieter b[...]
  • 2014 Asia Cosplay Meet

  • Once in a while I’d see a kid in the city dressed up in a weird costume and wonder ‘Why?’. You see, it’s because I’m not into any of that stuff and naturally it would be weird to me. So please excuse my foolishness if cosplay means more than a cursory ‘Why?’ to you. I think after having spen[...]
  • Sunrise? Not quite.

  • It was supposed to be a sunrise shoot at the east coast park beach but the sun was not in the mood to be photographed that morning. I will see you again at 6am dear sun! Oh btw, the light streaks in the sky are the airplanes coming in for a landing at the Singapore Changi Airport.  
  • Ashvika the explorer

  • This shy little explorer made me wait a while before she smiled for me. But oh that smile and those cheeks. I want more of both! There were so many loved ones there to wish Ashi on her first birthday and as if to thank them, she licked the cake off any hand that offered her some.
  • Yogyakarta

  •                                           My husband and I were used to traveling with one backpack on our holidays. The one [...]
  • "Sunago"

  • Mrs Indu Vijay (above), the founder and artistic director of taal school of Odissi. In the last few years she has given her support to a number of workshops and lecture demonstrations with the sole aim of propogating Odissi further in Singapore and Malaysia. Mrs Indu Vijay can be conta[...]
  • McAloo Tikki

  •                     I know this one is going to be a bit hard for some of you to get, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. You see, I am a vegetarian. Say what? You heard it. A veg·e·tar·i·an. There, I said [...]
  • Davita and Miguel

  • This little girl is a natural model. Davita might have been a little intimidated by the lights but she was not shy in front of the camera. She engaged us with her creative vision (I say this seriously) and made sure she approved every picture. Mum said big brother Miguel [...]