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  • Yogyakarta

  •                                           My husband and I were used to traveling with one backpack on our holidays. The one [...]
  • "Sunago"

  • Mrs Indu Vijay (above), the founder and artistic director of taal school of Odissi. In the last few years she has given her support to a number of workshops and lecture demonstrations with the sole aim of propogating Odissi further in Singapore and Malaysia. Mrs Indu Vijay can be conta[...]
  • McAloo Tikki

  •                     I know this one is going to be a bit hard for some of you to get, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. You see, I am a vegetarian. Say what? You heard it. A veg·e·tar·i·an. There, I said [...]
  • Davita and Miguel

  • This little girl is a natural model. Davita might have been a little intimidated by the lights but she was not shy in front of the camera. She engaged us with her creative vision (I say this seriously) and made sure she approved every picture. Mum said big brother Miguel [...]
  • The Vermas

  •   You know how sometimes you meet someone and you know right away that they are going to be fun? The Vermas are those people. Ashish and Sandy are college sweethearts and say they have known each other for ‘ages’. The kids, Khushi and Lakshya are incredibly sweet. There [...]
  • Cake Pop Making Demo at Little House of Dreams

  • For the last week Singapore has been shrouded in haze. Everyone has been forced to stay indoors and figure out creative ways of staying busy. I have a four year old with who I have been under house arrest. To pass our time we engaged in loads of storytelling, had several play dates (a lot [...]
  • Fashion shoot with Vicky

  • Usually on a Sunday morning I would be rushing to get my daughter up, fed, dressed and to her Yamaha class on time. We don’t always make it before the door closes but we sure try. The plan of action this Sunday however, was a little different. I was rushing not to a kiddy m usic clas[...]
  • Colourful shophouses in Singapore

  • So off I went in the Singapore afternoon heat. Not knowing what I would find but hoping it would be something great. And boy, was I rewarded. I saw the most beautiful shophouses that afternoon. All with so much character that condo living suddenly seemed like a complete mistake. Each on[...]
Sand play
  • Sand play

  • Shy smiles, burying boats just to ‘discover’ them later, giggling on the swings, blowing into bhaiya’s eyes to get the sand out, sticking out toes into the sand and just enjoying a quiet morning outside. Both brother and sister made my job a whole lot easier :)